Illustrator: Philippe Dupasquier
Format: pb
ISBN: 9780713664416


Stephen Rice loves breakfast cereal, so he’s devastated when his mum loses her job at the cereal factory and his endless supply runs out. The only way to satisfy his craving is to dine at his friends’ houses. And there, one day, he sees the chance of a lifetime: DESIGN-A-CEREAL. Not only does Stephen’s entry, Brick-a-Breck, win the competition, but he becomes a TV celebrity. Brick-a-Breck is unique: you can build things with each block of cereal and it won’t go soggy. But you can have too much of a good thing, as Stephen soon discovers. His brilliant invention becomes a curse. Brick-a-Breck takes over his life – and the nation! How can life ever be normal again?

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