A wonderful book about Sussex artist Alison Milner-Gulland, published to celebrate the exhibition at Horsham Museum & Art Gallery showcasing her remarkable art as she celebrates her 80th birthday.
For over 60 years, Alison has challenged herself and the viewer with her uniquely creative vision, which combines powerful narrative with the poetry of art. From Oxford to Syria, Russia to Washington, the South Downs to the desert, using etching, collage, print, pastel, crayon and ceramics, every stage in Alison's life has been documented in art.
Over the years Alison has created powerful works drawing on the sights she saw in the Middle East, using the symbol of the dove in turmoil, and works featuring early Greco-Roman and Christian iconography, reflecting her widespread travels in Russia and the East, but she has also explored, almost daily, the mythic drama of her next-door neighbour Chanctonbury Ring.

Alison’s work quietly portrays great beauty, from the moonlight over the sea, to tangled flowers growing in her garden. Images of the everyday, from the farrier shoeing her horse, to sheep in the snow, to the graffiti on the walls of the world, have all found expression in her colourful and vibrant art works.

The book and exhibition were curated by local art & antiques expert Rupert Toovey, who has known Alison for over twenty years.