The Nowhere Thief


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We loved The Nowhere Thief, a refreshingly different take on a portal adventure - the portals in this case being doors to a mind-bending MULTIVERSE! 

12-year-old Elsbeth has an extraordinary ability - she can slip into parallel worlds via a colourful kaleidoscopic hub ... and bring back objects to sell in her mum's failing antique shop! But soon Elsbeth's interdimensional trips become unpredictable, causing earthquakes and bizarre weather events, a mysterious man turns up at the shop showing a suspicious interest in her multiversal trinkets, and then ... her mum vanishes. Together with Idris, a boy from another 'sphere' Elsbeth must channel her powers to track down her mum and restore balance to the Spheres... discovering unexpected family secrets along the way!

A unique sci-fi adventure with clever world-building which will appeal to readers aged 9+. For fans of Ross Welford and Christopher Edge.