The Tooth Fairy and the Crocodile


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We are now taking pre-orders for signed and NAMED copies of The Tooth Fairy and the Crocodile, which comes out on 6th June 2024. These will be signed by Julia Donaldson, the author, but not by Lydia Monks, the illustrator. Add the names for dedication in ORDER NOTES.
A brilliantly illustrated story from picture-book superstars Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks - perfect for any child with a wobbly tooth!
Ruth Mary is used to collecting teeth from under the pillows of sleeping children, not animals.
But when the Fairy Queen sends her off to the jungle, Ruth Mary doesn't mind. And all is going well.... until she collects the tooth of a CROCODILE, who wakes up and decides Ruth Mary looks like a tasty snack!
And with her wings not working, how will the tooth fairy escape?
Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks are the creators of the What the Ladybird Heard adventures, which have sold over four million copies worldwide.