The Conspirators


Fast-moving, tense, glamorous, and witty, The Conspirators is G. W. Shaw's follow-up to his nail-biting thriller Dead Rich. 

Jacob Meaney is living hand to mouth as a translator when Eloise, an Australian digital marketer, appears out of the blue, offering him unheard of sums for a couple of weeks' work.

A private plane and helicopter take him to a showcase villa in Carinthia and all the luxury he could ever want. Here he meets the owner of the house, Bondarenko. His task is to interpret between Hindi, Russian and English during Zoom calls with Nazim, an Indian criminal, whose gang have taken over the manufacture and distribution network of the wonder fertility drug that Bondarenko has been selling on the internet.

But before long Jacob realises he's stumbled into an organised crime conspiracy - the gang's plan is to take over the entire operation by any means. The luxury villa has become a lethal gilded prison for Jacob. When Nazim finally strikes which side will Jacob take to survive?