Noah’s Gold


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The latest novel by Frank Cottrell-Boyce is complete comedy gold wrapped up in an exciting story full of mystery and suspense.

Eleven-year-old pipsqueak Noah is famed in his family for making gadgets malfunction. When he accidentally stows away on his older sister’s Geography field trip, the minibus Satnav goes haywire and the kids find themselves marooned on an uninhabited island. 6 kids. 1 remote island. No adults (their teacher has vanished!) They're hungry. Their phones don't work – they CAN’T LOOK ANYTHING UP! – and, somehow … Noah has broken the entire internet!!  There's no way of contacting home …. Disaster!

The story is exciting and genuinely believable, the interplay & dialogues between the different teenage characters are pure comic genius, and the recurring theme of our reliance on technology is thought-provoking, and will hopefully spark family discussions!