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An Evening with PETER JAMES for ‘One of Us is Dead’

25th September, 2024, Church of St Andrew & St Cuthman, Steyning

An Evening with Catherine Gray for VERSIONS OF A GIRL

Date: 9th July, 2024
Location: Steyning Bookshop

We are excited to welcome CATHERINE GRAY, author of the best-selling book The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober as she introduces her debut novel, Versions of a Girl, a breath-taking, addictive story about the paths taken ​- and not taken – in life.
This will be a small, boutique style event at the bookshop, with seats for only 30, and will include a welcome drink.
Catherine Gray is a Sunday Times bestselling author of five books, including The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober. She’s sold over half a million books, her work has been published in Stylist, Marie Claire, The Lancet Psychiatry and the Guardian, and her books have been translated into nine languages. In 2018, Catherine founded charitable campaign Sober Spring, a Three-Month Sabbatical from Alcohol, and she now runs it with Alcohol Change UK, for whom she is an ambassador. She lives in Sussex and when not writing she enjoys falling off a paddleboard, giving her plants names like ‘Cassandra’ and ‘Miguel’, and spamming Instagram with pictures of dogs!
A truly compulsive read which I tore through in 2 days!
Do we become who we are because of our parents, or in spite of them? Fern’s mother is a social climber and a former ballet dancer who lives a plush life in a London townhouse. Fern’s father only climbs if there’s a bottle at the top, has an IQ of 133 and lives hand-to-mouth in Californian motels. Aged fourteen, Fern has spent equal time with each of her parents. That is, until an unexpected visitor triggers a life-changing dilemma: whether she should get on a plane to London to be with her mother, or stay in California with her father. Here, Fern’s narrative splices in two. Two possible lives, one person. Each Fern will grow in wildly different, but eerily similar directions. Both must determine who they want to be – and how they deal with a thorny problem which threatens to undo them all: a murder. Fern is a marvellous creation, flawed, spontaneous and relatable, and you’ll be rooting for both versions of her every step of the way!
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