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An Evening with Rev Richard Coles & Elly Griffiths

17th June, 2024, Church of St Andrew & St Cuthman

January Wellness Event – Owning Your Menopause with Kate Rowe-Ham

Date: 30th January, 2024
Location: Steyning Centre Saxon Room

Manage your menopause symptoms and get in the best shape of your life.
We are embracing the spirit of January with a wellness event, welcoming author, menopause coach and personal trainer Kate Rowe-Ham who’ll discuss her new book Owning Your Menopause: Fitter, Calmer, Stronger in 30 Days.
Kate Rowe-Ham is a personal trainer who specialises in using exercise and fitness to help women through perimenopause and menopause. She is the founder of the app and website Owning Your Menopause which has supported thousands of women in the UK who are suffering from challenging menopause symptoms, and she has now turned this life-changing programme into a book.
Kate will discuss her own personal menopause story and her work as a personal trainer, and how these experiences have fed into her book. Kate’s book aims to transform your attitude to exercise and change your habits, and provides fitness plans as well as advice for every aspect of your life from alcohol and sugar consumption to mindfulness. Owning Your Menopause also includes a 30-day fitness plan complete with menu suggestions, movement goals and links to online videos.
Despite being a personal trainer, Kate found herself totally derailed in her early 40s as perimenopause started. Her usual strategies to stay well weren’t working and HRT wasn’t the magic bullet she hoped it would be. Only when she started changing the way she exercised, what she ate and drank, and lifting weights did she feel better… and now, a few years down the line she feels more energised than ever before. Kate wants to empower other women to experience the same revelation.
Kate will be in conversation with Hannah Ebelthite, a Steyning-based health & wellness writer.


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