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An Evening with Rev Richard Coles & Elly Griffiths

17th June, 2024, Church of St Andrew & St Cuthman

Sophy Henn – LIFESIZE kids event

Date: 17th August, 2022
Location: Bookshop back garden marquee

WEDNESDAY 17th AUGUST at 10.30am.

Join fabulous author / illustrator SOPHY HENN for some fact-filled, fascinating LIFESIZE fun in the bookshop garden! Sophy’s LIFESIZE books are ingenious, interactive non-fiction picture books which invite children to see how they measure up against some of the world’s biggest and smallest creatures. Discover a wealth of fascinating facts, from how fast a hummingbird can flap its’ wings, to just HOW giant is a giant squid, at this fun, interactive event, which will finish with a spot of animal DRAW-ALONG, in classic Sophy style!

This event is for children aged 4-10, accompanying adults do not need a ticket but are welcome to hang around and watch! Your ticket price of £5 will knock a fiver off any LIFESIZE book purchase, and Sophy will be happy to sign all books purchased.


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