The Dinosaur’s Diary


ISBN: 9780141313825
Note: All books in stock are signed by Julia Donaldson.

Surviving and finding a safe place to lay her eggs is difficult for a little dinosaur like Hypsilophodon when there are Tyrannosaurus Rexes around. When she falls into a mysterious pool and finds herself on a modern farm there are still problems. Finally she finds a safe place to hatch her babies, but how can she keep thirteen baby dinosaurs safe and secret? When the farmer catches one – Hector – and plans to take him to the vet, it’s up to Hypsilophodon and her fiesty daughter, Henrietta, to get him back. After a daring rescue, Hypsilophodon takes all her youngsters back through the mysterious pool to her own world. Perfect read aloud to 4-6 year olds or read alone 5-8 years.