Heritage of Horsham District in 100 Objects


We have a few copies left of this fascinating book, published by Horsham Museum as part of Horsham District's 2019 Year of Culture.

Using 100 objects as signposts, the book by Horsham Museum Curator Jeremy Knight, tells the 100 million year old story of the Horsham District - the land between Gatwick and Brighton - through 13 themes. Beginning in pre-history with the astonishing 'Horshamosaurus' (did YOU know Horsham had a dinosaur named after it?) and the Horsham Iguandadon, the book covers all manner of fascinating industrial, agricultural, political, and sporting objects and landmarks. The objects range from large-scale engineering projects such as the Arun and Wey Canal, to cricket stumps and posters for the abolition of slavery, telling stories such as the history of Wealden Iron-working, the Sussex sport of stoolball, and the local suffragette movement along the way.
A really interesting testament to our rich local heritage, and a perfect present for anyone interested in the history of their district!