Caravan at the Edge of Doom


Fabulously funny and inventive debut novel, perfect for readers aged 8-11, by Jim Beckett, who has recently moved to STEYNING! Signed copies available.

When her grandparents explode in their caravan toilet late one night, twelve-year-old Harley discovers a surprising truth: their toilet is a gateway to the Land of the Dead, and they are its Guardians. Well, they were. But there's no time to mourn their passing.

Because Harley's baby brother has accidentally gone with them to the Land of the Dead. And Harley only has 24 hours to rescue him before he's trapped there FOREVER! This hilarious and heartbreaking debut features exploding grandparents, unexpected heroes and a truly EPIC adventure.

Gudrun from the bookshop says "Genuinely funny, had me snorting tea all over my duvet, but also contains thrills, spills, plummets from towering cliffs, and many other moments of nail-biting peril!"

The Irish Times says "A madcap comedy adventure with unexpected twists and a thrilling time limit ... Hilarious."

North Somerset Teacher's Book Awards say " a thoroughly enjoyable tale - perfect for captivating a class at story time!'

For fans of Steven Butler, Roald Dahl, Terry Pratchett, David Walliams.