Happy Hills: Attack of the Giant Danger Kittens!


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The brand-new, hilariously funny full colour graphic novel series from award winning author and illustrator of the Pizazz series, Sophy Henn. 

Meet the friendly and not-so-friendly residents of Happy Hills, a place where anything can happen and always does! When little unicorn Ace stumbles across Happy Hills, he is surrounded by the residents who are keen to share their spooky stories. There are fun and frolics galore and they all play a town-wide game of IT ... but WATCH OUT FOR THE GIANT DANGER KITTENS!

Jam-packed with hilarious stories, this is perfect for fans of Bunny vs Monkey, Dogman and Tom Gates.

"You won't be able to contain your giggles" - Harriet Muncaster

"Delicious genius from Sophy Henn" - Nadia Shireen