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Julia Donaldson Book-Signing for The Tooth Fairy & The Crocodile

22nd June, 2024, The Steyning Bookshop

Julia Donaldson Book-Signing for THE OAK TREE

Date: 30th September, 2023
Location: The Steyning Bookshop

FROM 2pm on Saturday 30th September 

Meet Julia Donaldson at her local bookshop as she celebrates the release of her wonderful new book The Oak Tree – along with illustrator Victoria Sandoy! This is an amazing opportunity to get a first edition hardback copy, signed by both author AND illustrator. 
The Oak Tree charts the life of a majestic oak tree, in rich, dramatic verse, with charming, colourful illustrations.
A thousand years ago, a tiny acorn fell to the ground. As the years pass, it grows and GROWS into an enormous oak tree. As the centuries sweep by, children play games around the tree, it gives food and shelter to a host of animals, from squirrels and badgers to birds and beetles, and a fleeing king even hides inside its hollow trunk! After a thousand years, the ancient tree finally falls in a storm – but a new acorn sprouts, and the cycle of life begins all over again.
Julia and Victoria’s previous book together was The Christmas Pine, the story of the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree – copies of this book will also be on sale for signing. Plus, Julia has 2 other new books out in September – a new ‘Acorn Wood’ story, Dormouse Has a Cold, and the paperback edition of The Baddies, and we’ll have plenty of these on sale, too!
It is essential to book your place in advance. Your £12.99 ticket includes 1 copy of The Oak Tree, and allows entry to 1 family group (of up to 5 people) to the book-signing. 
The book-signing will be split into 40-minute time-slots to reduce queue times, with 25 family groups in each time slot, starting from 2pm. As each time slot fills up, we will open the next ​session.
If you want to purchase multiple book copies – don’t buy multiple tickets please! You’ll have plenty of chance to buy more books on the day of the signing, and Julia will sign AND name-dedicate ALL books either pre-ordered or purchased at The Steyning Bookshop that day! We regret that we will not accept books from home for signing.
The book-signing will hopefully take place under cover in the beautiful back garden of the Steyning Bookshop, weather permitting! We will provide fun games and craft activities and free biscuits / juice for children while you wait to meet Julia.
Do give us a ring if you have any questions or if the time-slot is full – we can open up the next one!

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