Book-Signing with NICK SHARRATT celebrating YOU CHOOSE CHRISTMAS

Book-Signing with NICK SHARRATT celebrating YOU CHOOSE CHRISTMAS

We are delighted that lovely Nick Sharratt is going to join us on SATURDAY 4th NOVEMBER at 11am for a book-signing at the shop celebrating his brilliant new book, You Choose Christmas! The You Choose books by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt are an ESSENTIAL part of every parenting toolkit, prompting hours of family discussion and fun, and we are over the moon that there is now a festive edition for family holiday fun!

The focus will be on this new book but we will have all Nick’s books on sale to get signed / dedicated.

We are not ticketing this book-signing, it is fine to just turn up, but if you want to be SURE you get a book and we don’t run out, you can pre-order yours via our website here   Please mention in the order notes that you are coming to the book-signing!

Alternatively, if you’d like a book signed and dedicated, but cannot attend the book-signing, you can pre-order a copy using the same link above, please specify the name for dedication in ORDER NOTES, mention that you are NOT attending the book-signing, and make sure to include postage if necessary.


The You Choose books are perennial favourites of parents and children alike, and we are so excited to reveal this new, CHRISTMAS version! From choosing where to sleep on Christmas Eve, which Christmas jumper to wear, what gifts you’d like to give and receive, and what job you’d like to do in Santa’s workshop, every page offers infinite possibilities and will trigger hours of festive discussion! Nick Sharratt’s detailed, jolly illustrations are a joy to behold, and this book is sure to become an essential part of every family Christmas!