Vet at the End of the Earth: An Evening with Jonathan Hollins

Vet at the End of the Earth: An Evening with Jonathan Hollins

Meet Jonathan Hollins, the vet at the end of the earth. As the resident vet for the remote British Overseas Territories of the Falklands, St Helena, Ascension and Tristan de Cunha, Jonathan Hollins has seen it all! From caring for the world’s oldest living reptile (a 200-year-old giant tortoise!) to relocating herds of reindeer, he has spent years working with every variety of animal, amidst extraordinarily rugged and challenging landscapes, from cloud forests to volcanic cliff faces. Jonathan’s book The Vet at the End of the Earth is a fascinating portrait of life in this remote outpost of the British Empire, where regimental pomp and circumstance abides alongside down-to-earth farming folk, battling the elements to survive!
The Vet at the End of the Earth is perfect for animal lovers, adventurers and armchair travellers alike, and Jonathan has a wealth of entertaining and hair-raising stories to tell from his years vetting at the back of beyond, we can’t wait to hear him bring the book to life in person!

Originally from the south of England, Jonathan Hollins MRCVS graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and has been a working vet for four decades. Since the mid-2000s, he has spent long periods as a senior vet in the British Overseas Territories of the South Atlantic and has a home on St Helena. He has written for the UK national press and presented documentary features for BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4

Venue: Steyning Methodist Church
Doors open 7pm, Talk starts at 7.30pm. Jonathan will be ‘in conversation’ with an interviewer (TBC) but may also share slides of the island’s fauna and flora!
Teas & coffees will be served by the Methodist Church team.

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