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2 Sussex Crime Writers: Graham Bartlett & Lesley Thomson

7th July, 2022, The Studio at Chantry House, 34 Church Street (off Elm Grove) BN44 3YB

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Winter Horses


Philip Kerr

This beautifully recounted story tells of a young orphaned Russian Jewish girl’s incredible bravery as she fights to save two rare horses from extermination by the Nazis when German troops arrive at a former wildlife reserve in the Ukraine, home to the almost extinct Przewalski’s horses. In the midst of a freezing winter, Max, the devoted caretaker of the reserve, finds himself first helping to hide young Kalinka and the two remaining horses and then sending them on a perilous journey through the frozen Ukrainian forest to escape. Intensely gripping and at times heart-rending in its depiction of the suffering in war-torn Russia, it’s an absolute must for horse-loving children who need more substantial stories than tales about gymkhanas! Ideal for ages 10 – 14. Sara.