Pond Puddings & Sussex Smokies


Sussex boasts a rich culinary heritage, and in this really interesting book, local author Kevin Newman explores the county's culinary history and specialities, together with its famous food and drink producers, markets and food-themed events. Starting with an exploration of interesting and unusual Sussex dishes and drinks, as well as the people behind them, Newman visits wonderful watering holes and incredible eating places from across the centuries such as 'Pacy's Blood Hole' and a hotel where Christmas puddings meet an unusual fate.

The author focuses on the county's past and present food-themed customs and traditions, offers foodie and drinking locations to visit and investigates the quirky stories behind many locally brewed beers. He explains how 'Dirty Arthur' became dirty, how a prince provided school dinners, how a local member of the clergy ended up as a Fijian feast and why 'Black-Eyed Susan' hasn't been in a fight. We learn how it's impossible to eat a 'dish of tongues' but how you could chomp on 'the Devil's children' in the past.

Sussex residents and visitors alike will discover the true flavour of Sussex in this book.